Domaine Guffens-Heynen

The Estate

It was in the 1970s that Maine and Jean-Marie Guffens-Heynen made the decision to pack up and leave their native Flanders. They headed to Burgundy in the pursuit of learning French and becoming winemakers. After a pleasant sabbatical spent pursuing the arts (fine art for Maine, theatre and architecture for Jean-Marie), the Belgian couple finally settled down to achieving their initial dream. Jean-Marie signed up to the viticulture school in Mâcon while Maine worked for various winemakers in the local area. Three years later, they were proud owners of some plots on the slopes of Pierreclos.


In the chai, the grapes are pressed gently and then allowed to ferment naturally (native yeast). The wine is then matured sur lies and is never filtered. This simple, natural “hands off” approach has bestowed Guffens-Heynen’s wines with a solid reputation: they are celebrated for their purity, precision, generosity, tension and minerality. They have become highly sought-after but can be difficult to procure due to the low quantities produced.

Wine List

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The vineyard spans 5.3 hectares across the hillsides of Pierreclos, Vergisson and Davayé. The vines are treated naturally with not a chemical in sight and the grapes are hand harvested only when they reach optimum maturity (even if this means harvesting in several stages).