Since 2015, Bertrand’s Wines has been building a Bourgogne and Beaujolais centric portfolio of wines crafted by Vignerons that are deeply rooted in their terroirs (or climat in Bourgogne). “Most importantly, we want to work with growers and not winemakers, people who are close to their vineyards and that think about the mark they will leave in the village and their appellation and land they will hand to their children. We have a people first mentality and are focused on promoting the region as a whole and not simply the shiny villages. We have a great range of wines that are reflecting the very best of their village at all price points and it is important to me to be able to tell anyone that they can absolutely afford to drink Domaine Burgundy if they are willing to explore that Land of Opportunities.”

What separates Bertrand’s Wines from other companies: almost 3 months a year spent in Burgundy visiting, tasting, exploring and listening… having boots in the vineyards but also eyes and ears in the region is essential to finding the best new generation of growers and the most amazing appellations you may have never heard about.

Our logo is the best representation of our focus and heritage, at the center of it is the shield of the region of Burgundy, to its left is the shield of Beaujolais and to its right, the shield of the town of Bourbourg (near Dunkirk) where Bertrand’s great-grandmother Emma ran “Madame Leulliette”, her wine store, by herself, from 1922 while raising 10 children (she gave birth to 12 children) from 2 marriages. She was then joined by her daughter Marguerite (Margot) until Emma passed in 1958.

A store employee and 7 of Emma’s 10 children in front of the store in 1924…

The font for our logo is a rendition of the Business Card Emma had when she opened the shop.

Emma’s business card from 1922

Strong women have always been part of the family and somehow this is translating in our portfolio that features 14 VIGNERONNES (French word for female winemaker). Our business model is to have direct relationship with every single producer we work with and act as the local agency, importer but also as it is the case for New York and New Jersey as the wholesaler. This guarantees provenance to our customers and to their consumers. The portfolio is a blend of established producers that expands from Chablis down to Brouilly such as Anne Gros, Domaine Ambroise, Christophe Buisson or Marc Morey & Fils as well as younger producers such as Pierrick Bouley, Alexandre Parigot, Simon Colin, Alvina Pernot or Franz-Ludwig Gondard. Our 4 Estates in Beaujolais are producing some of the most respected wines in France and we are thrilled to get a chance to showcase this solid group of winemakers across the country. “Our ambition is to have the most complete Bourgogne portfolio in the United States.” We support our producers and their different projects and have expanded in the Minervois with Domaine Anne Gros & Jean-Paul Tollot.

Our Team: Bertrand Leulliette