The House

Bertrand’s house is located in Beaune, the heart of Burgundy. With 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms as well as one half bathroom, everyone gets to have their privacy. A two-minute walk from the train station and five-minute walk from downtown Beaune, this house location is perfect for a Burgundy get away.

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The house is inviting and the downstairs’s open space is perfect to mingle and interact with the other guests. There is a half bathroom on the main floor and each room allows for the various guests to have their privacy when they are in their quarters. The house comes fully equipped and the outside area is a unique feature in an old town like Beaune where most houses don’t have a big backyard.

Guests will be able to access the entire house except a few storage areas that remain locked and the basement where the water heater and various electric installations are located.